Get Involved

Get Involved


Volunteers for after school program, one hour per week for 12 weeks beginning mid-February.
Complete Achievers by Choice Volunteer Application and Volunteer Registration Form for Bryan ISD.
Achievers by Choice Volunteer Application_2015-16
Bryan ISD Volunteer Registration Form (indicate “Achievers by Choice” in Other volunteer area)


We are in need of volunteers willing to serve as session teachers, session assistants, mentors, guest speakers, or in other roles instrumental to the success of the program.  Further, we provide volunteer opportunities for undergraduate students and customized Internship Programs for graduate students in a variety of college majors. All involvement provides opportunities to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Volunteers – Serve as session teachers or assistants, tutors, registration clerk, attendance clerk, or administrative assistants.

Internships – Graduate students in a variety of majors may gain valuable internship experience as session teachers, individual/group counseling, education researchers, data analysts, website design/maintenance, grant writing, public relations, communications, or marketing.

Mentors – Mentors may serve in a variety of roles, interacting with students to provide guidance and support in academic and career endeavors.

Guest Speakers – Parents, teachers, business owners, community leaders, and community members are encouraged to consider presenting participants with information about their career.